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Why Georgia?

According to the Index of Economic Freedom Georgia’s on the 16th place worldwide.

  1. There are four “Free industrial Zones” in Georgia, exempt from taxes.
  2. Georgia has one of the world’s most Liberal Visa Regime – for most passport holders there is no visa needed for stays up to 360 days
  3. Permanent Residence Possibility in case of investing $100 000 or more.
  4. No barriers for Foreign Buyers. Buyers are able to buy property in Georgia on a full freehold basis under exactly the same term as domestic Georgian buyers. The property can be registered on your name in a matter of a couple of hours.
  5. There is NO Stamp Duty or equivalent to pay common in most other countries. The cost of registration a property in Georgia is only $80
  6. Georgia is one of the lowest taxed countries of the world, only 6 taxes are present in Georgia and THERE IS NO Tax on property in Georgia.
  7. According to the World Tourism Organization Georgia has one of the fastest-growing rates of tourism arrivals among all European countries. Georgia received only 2 million international visitors in 2010, but in 2018 reached a record high of 8.7 million international visitors (10% y/y growth), and 8.4 million international visitors in 2019. Due to high demand and occupancy rates, internationally branded hotels are mushrooming in Georgia.
  8. The safest country in Europe.
  9. Healthy climate – 280 sunny days a year. 4 climatic zones. Year-round tourism. Warm sea in summer and 5 ski resorts in winter
  10. Low prices for living, recreation and entertainment.
  11. Fantastic Georgian cuisine and famous hospitality – we are always waiting for you here…..


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